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The sector that offers the highest and most sustainable returns on your investment.

An investment that beats all investments – Fixed Deposits, Gold, Mutual Funds etc.

Are your planning to buy your dream home or looking for property consultant who can help you in to invest your hard-earned money to secure better returns, Global Estate has the right products for you.

With multiple projects catering to your needs, Global Estate offer the right choice for your realty needs – whether it is to own a dream plot or house or just as a secured investment which appreciates many-fold in medium to long-term basis

  1. Very experienced sales and executive staff
  2. Our own property listing portal –
  3. Provide financial services for loan approvals and sanctions
  4. Marketing to clients / consumers
  5. Follow - Ups for payments, Loans Etc.
  6. Registration of documents
  7. Payment Collection,
  8. Possession. Etc.

Offering multi-dimensional solutions to your realty needs!